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Freedom begins as the conscious mind is directed via the power of choice. This reflects in thoughts, feelings, actions, and life experience. Life can be free once the choice is made from within. Be Renewed, Refreshed, & Rejuvenated as you join in the conversation of allowing your best self. Engage in life from a new perspective. Generating more joy, establishing a life that thrills, fulfills, and empowers. Living freely in harmony, peace, and purpose. Love who you have chose to be. Love that you have chose to release. Love that you have now chose love, and to lovingly use your Power. This book is written by YahGardener, YahGardener, is a guide who empowers individuals to be conscious in utilizing their minds to heal trauma. With joy, together they unpack their passion and direct their life experience. He directs people to go from conceptual knowledge to experiential knowledge. Guiding them into optimizing their frame of mind, and experiencing more of what thrills and excites them. “You’ve Got To Win, From Within” –YahGardener